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My First State Fair

Wonderfully warm, great company, new smells and sights! My first state fair felt like a trip back in time– for me, the last time I saw a live pig was probably as a child at a petting zoo! I remembered the smell! 😦 So thanks friends for introducing me to the wonder of the colorado state fair! Here was my day:

a lot of walking around with my guys, looking a bit protective from this angle!

neat buildings! Looked calm from the outside, but stuffed with folks selling stuff from hot tubs to jewelry! who knew? I wondered how many fairs this building had seen!

fantastic automobile! my inner rockabilly chick was screaming for more!

And then there was WILBUR!!! jk, didn’t know his name, but I’s assume it’s BACON! 🙂

and the cutest little goat, reminded me of the same look bandit gets in his eye when he’s ready for some attention!

Rocky Mountain Oysters?!? Even I knew not to go there 😉

More and more beautiful animals. This one was a winner for sure!

And my heather anne is a keeper! She was my country girl guide!

Apparently the fair is not complete until you get the mandatory mint ice cream cone… I happily obliged!

And of course, SGY took me on the scary carnival ride, AGAIN! How I get sucked in, I’ll never know! But then again, he can be pretty convincing!

After the long sun-drenched day, I was not looking for more inspiration, but it struck, thanks to SGY and the lovely sun…

adventures, adventures… they never end. and neither does this summer.


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