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GRIT. these photos have it. not sure why this place spoke to me as much as it did except for that i could identify with how the prisoners felt. locked up, alone. but within distance of the sounds of the city. they knew happiness, knew it was attainable but apart from their reach. out the few windows was the beautiful ocean, the amazing bridge and the jubilant city. but alone they stood. punished. I could relate to the pain of feeling alone. feeling like joy is impossible. but im blessed. now i see. i hope the many who suffered here for their crimes also knew that joy when they saw release. walking in the footsteps, seeing the dark holding rooms, allowing myself to hear their voices and cells slamming was an incredible experience in feeling another’s true humanity. i hope you too know that your joy is within reach and find ways to touch the true grit of humanity. to see the beauty in the midst of pain.

journey with me on the rock…





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