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The Life of a Cardboard Celebrity Photog.

Let’s face it, folks. I have fun. A lot of fun. A TON of fun. I have amazing friends and family. Somehow, we get into the craziest of situations… and well, they let me take pictures of them! Hope you enjoy, I sure do love the memories that stir up!

My best friends. true. loyal. life-giving.

Happy Birthday Heather! 🙂


Probably one of the most beautiful photos of the season… Because it makes my heart smile SO big!

To celebrate for H’s 25th, we took some gals (all influential and lifegiving) up to Breck. Thing is, SO.MUCH.SNOW….

SO, our mountain photo was @ Wilkerson Pass. 🙂


Then we went dancing! 🙂

What a lovely time!


Another Adventure took me to Breckenridge. My Mom and I took a trip to Breck’s wonderful annual festival: ULLRFEST. Lets just say it involves alcohol, parades… O, and VIKING HATS!

and maybe the occasional margarita…

I also got some treasured time with some old friends…

Wonderful to see you Shawnie, Pattie!


I also got into more trouble thanks to this kid…

Let’s just day we found our way into a Disco.

What a life. I tell you, that kid is trouble… but fun trouble!

Was also blessed to see an epic show in Denver at the famed Paramount. Lovely.

So many adventures to recount to you all!


I even met Justin Beiber!


How great is he?!?

You know some famous photogs actually meet celebs… but cardboard is good enough for me!


In the end, you know…

And its so true. Whatever random adventures I find myself in, I know they are there to guide me, support me and love me for ME!

Im blessed. May you be also!


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