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beautiful dirt.

I’ve gotta admit it, never seen myself as a country girl. Southern in the city, maybe. As long as I’m close to a wine bar, a camera accessories store and a trauma center… this girl is set. However, I was drawn into the loving arms of my Aunt’s farm this past weekend. It’s something about being the lone human outside surrounded by the warm sun’s rays beating on my back… the sweet calm wind breezing through my ponytail… the timid but audible sounds of simple creatures living blissfully… Needless to say, I was enamored by the beautiful dirt. Maybe this country life is for me… but then, the cows did kinda smell funny! 😦 Maybe I’ll just start with something green in my backyard. 

My Aunt and Uncle also have become some-what of a dog haven for the local misfits. Red here was a fighter and clearly leads the farm pack.

Can you guess what my Bandit was so fascinated by?

The chicken and my pup were in a full staring contest. I’m not sure Bandit had ever seen birds in a coop.

What freedom to see the pups running around the fields!

Bandit made some new best friends.

moo. 🙂

This was a bit of an “aha!” moment. Maybe I need to take time to rest in the simplicity that is life right now. So wonderful.

Warning: the next few photos will fill you with urges to adopt a dog. I’m a victim! 🙂 Promise you, these dogs are loving their country life!



A vivid sunset. just looking at this warms up my soul.


One response

  1. Wonderful Sarah! Just beautiful pictures, i think the one of the bike is my favorite!

    March 28, 2011 at 7:23 am

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