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So perhaps you read on the book of the face that a certain blogging photographer won a trip to VEGAS in a karaoke contest! What an invigorating feeling! This was in fact my second karaoke contest night at Jake’s Dive Bar, the first of which ended with defeat related to a bridal party… ( i mean, you can’t beat a bridezilla!) So, needless to say I was the belle of the ball (err… bar?). Throughly enjoyed my evening, and can’t wait to spend my free vegas weekend with some friends! Promise wonderful photos will be shared! šŸ™‚

Love this photo I snapped of my folks dancing under the neon lights. Makes my heart smile to see them having so much fun together still.

My Aunt Johnna had a wonderful time, and was feeling sassy in her leopard fur coat! The gentleman throughly enjoyed the singing and dancing!

so fun to take random pics of everyone getting down!

yummy!!!!!!!!!! this drink may or may not have influenced the decision to sing “Proud Mary”… things were rolling at the party!How fun! Until next time, Jake’s!


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