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To my mom

My Mom, what can words truly say? She’s my complete support system. She’s my safe place. She’s my wise counselor- my heartbeat. I try to let my love for my mom flow everyday, but on mother’s day– especially THIS YEAR– I needed to let her know even more! Throughout this marathon or applying to school, moving home, caring for my puppy, cheering me on in my career, celebrating my success and letting me fly– she’s been more valuable than pure gold. Mom, I love you. I filled this post with things that you love and I can’t wait to celebrate your day tomorrow!

This tray has rested on her dresser for many many years. As a little girl I remember sampling the fine oils as pretending I was as glamorous as my mother! 🙂

I remember having these photos taken a few years ago. She looks at them everyday!

I may have gotten my accessory obsession from my mother! Too bad I inherited my dad’s big feet– no stealing any of these cute shoes!

My mom is very industrious! She is always finding a new project, a new innovation to improve our lives. 🙂

My mom NOW loves Vanderbilt! Especially since we got my financial award letter! Yay scholarship!

Hummus! 🙂 I remember my mom telling me about her first time eating ethnic foods. Who would have thought a kansas gal would be head over heels in love with greek food!

When these babies on on, you know its time for relaxation!

My mom loves her story. She loves delving into history and searching through photos from the past. This small doll sits in our corner, made from my great grandmother’s linens. She sits and observes, and one day she will be there to tell our story.

She keeps that mind sharp! 🙂

I love you mom. I hope you can feel how much i love being your daughter.


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