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A black and white story of my life…

While going through the last couple weeks I’ve noticed that most of my favorite pics have been shifted to black and white! I thought, maybe it’s been this crazy weather, maybe I’m just getting lazy with editing… maybe some of both! But mainly, I think I’ve begun to realize the great significance that the last few weeks have held. I must be getting nostalgic! Oh well, cry a little tear, shoot some little photos…

First of all, I was able to shoot a few sweet pictures of Miss Heather (La Senora)! I was so thrilled beyond words to be invited to her much awaited baby shower. I’ve got to admit, I was so excited I hardly shot any pics! These I feel captured her excited spirit. I’m anxiously awaiting little Liam! I love you Heather!

Next, my “little” brother Ben came home to celebrate with us his BIG 21st birthday. Let me say, it was wild… as in buffalo wild wings. We had a great family time.

Last, but certainly not least, H and I planned a graduation party of our dear Mikey. He finally has a diploma! He’s thrilled and we are all so proud of his accomplishments. We had our little fiesta at Firehouse Southern BBQ in Old Colorado City. What a blast to see old and new friends. Way to go Mikey!

Thanks for humoring me H! You put up with a lot from me, and you are the most wonderful!

Something very beautiful about this messed up shot of mine… must be Stephanie’s beauty!

If only there was a real fireman in that suit! He’d be mine for sure! 🙂 hahaCongrats Mikey!

And Congrats Heather & Ben!

What fun milestones I was honored to help celebrate! 🙂 Thanks for including me!

also, only 84 days till the big move! Let’s make more memories!

Love, S


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