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pure & simple summer fun

Wow, it sure has been awhile since I blogged! I’ll confess, life has been soooo busy and I have not taken much time for myself to work on many projects! However, some GOOD stuff coming up! So excited to work with Rob on his senior pictures tomorrow!!!! I’ll post some previews tomorrow night! 🙂 First senior shoot!!! Woo Hoo!

So, in the midst of working like a dog, saving all my pennies and packing like a mad woman– I managed to have SOME fun! 🙂 Only 27 days, 18 hours, 27 min and 45 seconds till I depart (but who’s counting!) 😛

So here are the miscellaneous array of fun times… the rodeo, golden bee, some camping, some puppy love… lots of pure simple fun. Isn’t that what summer is about?

so, enjoy and get excited for some new projects debuting soon!

Bandit loved CAMPING!

This month I did a little mini-shoot of Steph & Duane’s pups, Bennet & Molly (Bandit’s BFFs)


my baby boy bandit! He loves spending time with the family! We were watching Harry Potter!

Isn’t my mom BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been kinda into portraits lately!

we rodeo’d it up! 🙂

I had fun trying to get a glimpse for you of the 2 steppers– but they were too quick! Hopefully that’s me in a year! Anyone want to help me practice??

I went out with my boots on!

This is where Bandit hangs out while I pack! I think he senses he’ll be losing his favorite couch!

The lovely Emmy at the Golden Bee last night… we had a mini friend-reunion, celebrating Co’s wedding in 2 weeks! We sang the night away. It was lovely!

And the gorgeous Kristin to top off this blog post!

More to come soon, I promise! And, also…

I’ve had this blog for a year! Whether you have viewed every post, just this post, or have encouraged me to blog, THANKS!

As always, leave me some love!



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  1. Love it and love YOU! Sad you’re leaving but excited for all the new adventures you’ll have 🙂 we’ll miss bandy-poo, too!

    July 17, 2011 at 6:47 pm

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