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Wowie! Don’t be shocked blog lovers, I actually am posting again so soon! I just can’t wait any longer to show you the best of Rob’s senior pics from yesterday! I practically spent all night refining them because I needed to show you all!

Rob bravely took me on, knowing that his senior shoot would be my first. Remarkably, it was one of the smoothest shoots I’ve ever had. Rob pretty much makes my life easy. A relaxed, music loving guy, his layouts were a no-brainer. Rob + guitar = bliss. there you go, genius!

We headed out to Manitou Springs– and boy it was a scorcher! The penny arcade has that vintage fun. It makes me want to shoot a billion pics!

In case you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Rob, his passion is music. He plays beautifully.  I’m trying to get him to apply to a little school near Vanderbilt– Belmont!

pinball anyone? Rob loves a good geek-out. I knew I loved that kid!

I’m pretty sure Rob can talk to anyone, and make them feel at ease.

I also really LOVE Gabi, Rob’s little sister!

After we had our fill of sunshine on the hot manitou brick streets, I took Rob to what has become my favorite little photo spot, Cheyenne Canon. I also brought along a little something from my antique desk…

I’m absolutely in love with the following set of images.

I told you, didn’t I!

a little Huck Finn Inspiration!

Rob is my personal rock-star.  I’m loving this.

Thanks Rob, for letting my hang out with you! Good luck and God speed in all your growth this coming year. (ahem *Belmont*) 🙂

Thanks for helping me grow, too.



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