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National Folk Festival 2011


This weekend, I went on a grand adventure. I went out to the park here in Nashville and enjoyed music and dancing from all over the country. Creole. Hula. Classical Acoustic Guitar. Gospel. Bluegrass. I LOVED IT!. I love living in the music city. And I love that so many musicians look so amazing while they play! The first group I saw was the Fisk University Jubilee Singers. Talk about gorgeous voices. Love, love, love. In fact, I was so in awe… I took no pictures. No video, nothing! They captured my attention! Next my friend Lisa and I wandered down to a lonely tent. We found this small group of musicians from all over the country. They all had beautiful ornate and old intruments and a lovely sound was floating all around the. I was entranced, unable to sit still, all toes in the room started tapping. Some heads even started swinging. beauty.

You know I love Banjo. And if you don’t well you SHOULD. This man’s banjo was made in the early 1900’s. Crisp and perfectly aged.

What really excited me was how one musician would start a song– any little tune. I’d have no remembrance of… and all of the sudden the other 6 instruments would just start! It was like they knew the songs in each other’s hearts. What a kinship.

I don’t even really know what the above instrument is… but it was pretty beautiful!

The man below was the highlight for me! He was the “host” if you will. He was so jazzed by the music, so thrilled to be onstage with these musical masterminds that his whole body was reacting to the music hitting his ears. He was experiencing pure joy!


After the group had wrapped up, the massive monkees (of America’s Best Dance Crew fame) were up next!

I’ve never been THIS close to breakdancing or live hip hop ever. And let me tell you, what energy filled the tent. Even the little grandma in front of me was waving her arms!


Overall, what a great welcome I experienced from the music city. Such life, such pure joy, and what sounds await us if we only choose to listen! Stepping out of our comfort zone is so worth the reward.

Until the next adventure,











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