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So, apparently I’m a pocket stuffer. Thought I could be one of those cool NPs who have everything stored up in her noggin… nope. I’m paper hound… Doomed to fill my pockets hoping to glean sone useful info about any and all thoracic patients at Vanderbilt. And I only had 8 on my list… 🙂 saw a lovely patient, learned about how much I really have to learn. Thankful I’ve gotten this far, excited for the next patient to make the experience even better on both sides of the bed. So here I am, a pocket stuffer who knows nothing and is ready to learn. Patients: be patient, teach me.



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  1. Look at you! All real NP-ish. I kinda think those people who don’t have stuffed pockets are just faking it!

    October 26, 2011 at 1:56 am

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