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Had my last final of the first semester of grad school today! Looking back I’ve learned a lot… That I will try to remember next semester.

1- Study. When in doubt, just interact with the material… Even if it seems weird to start reviewing after the first class.

2- Don’t worry when you feel like you are studying more or less than your classmates. We all learn in different ways.

3- Embrace new ways to learn. I never thought making mind maps (like I learned in mental health in undergrad) would actually pay off… Big time. I’m also not above drawing stick figures! :-/

4- Take some time for yourself. This turned out to be running and pedicures. It feels good to take care of yourself.

5- Never underestimate the power of a good laugh… Or cry! Letting my emotions out safely during “How I met your mother” or any (I mean any…) Hallmark commercial!

6- Study group. Make sure you attract the smartest. Bribe them with cookies 😉

7- Fido. Find your happy place that gets you in the groove. Fido here in Nashville puts my hippocampus in overdrive!

8- Appreciate home. I have a countdown. Sometimes it’s the little rewards!

9- Cheer on your classmates. Some students can be competitive. Maintain a friendship with all, you never know when you need a consult!

10- Stick with your friends. At home, at school, at church… Without all of my wonderful people, I would be knee deep in a puddle of boxed wine and looking for a straight jacket!

Thanks for being on this journey with me!


Here’s a photo of my last Pre-final study session. On the road home tomorrow!


One response

  1. Yay for the road home! And for finishing!
    I LOVE your study tips.
    I was longing for Fido when I was studying patho earlier today. I’m convinced I would have done better had I actually been studying at Fido!

    December 13, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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