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137/365 (Valentine’s Day)

My well meaning and kind coupled friends delightfully state, “this is your year! The year you will certainly find a valentine! It’s not even that important, hardly a big deal to me and my significant other that we are going on an extravagant date and picking out diamonds so we can get married and make gorgeous babies unlike you who will probably be watching the biggest loser/the bachelor/ when harry met sally while you snack on bon bons and cry!”

Well annoyingly sweet coupled friend: I love Valentines. Hate to ruin your fun!

Sure, I am without a hot hot man this year, but truly this is MY year. I may be in my jammies right now, writing a blog—but I am certainly NOT listening to “all by myself” and sniffling. Yeah, I maybe going to watch the vow with my other single girlfriends, and yep I will probably get a bit misty. But I am NOT going to inhale a quart of ben and jerry’s while I choke on my own tears.

Friends, lets admit it. It stinks to be on the south side of 25 and be single for the 3rd VDay in a row. But I have so much to love, and experience so much love.

I’m thankful for this day to reflect in my life all of the things I have come to love this year:

– my new life here in Nashville

-my new career

-Bandit to cuddle with on cold nights (ok and humid evenings that will be fast approaching!)

-my aqua girlie apartment

-My bestie, H!

-Sweet parents who will always be my first valentines

-the fact that my body is an instrument and NOT just an ornament (although I’m feeling pretty awesome these days, thanks for asking!)

-Godly and wonderful women from my community group at church

-Amazing men folk who are my friends first (ok and they are also pretty good-looking… lets not beat around that bush. It’s my year right?!?)

So tonight, for those with dates- enjoy yourself! Love your love. Feel special and gorgeous—you deserve it! For those of us who are found without, just know that this season is not forever (and if it is, be thankful you are not the cat lady—yet!)

And hey, THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR! I’m thankful to be waiting for a special valentine and whenever he gets here, I may just need to ask where the heck he has been keeping me waiting all my life.



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